Graded Website Assessment, $149

Clarity Web Studio Exclusive!

Our assessment report is something you can’t get anywhere else, designed by us and based on 20 years in website design and optimization.

We examine the workings and the effectiveness of your current website, giving you professional attention at a detailed level and new insights about what your site is lacking.

Our Website Assessment an in-depth report specific to your website — in contrast to some pricey reports we’ve seen sold by bigger name companies with a lot of razzmatazz and showmanship, containing little more than boilerplate language.

Written Report

assessment report sampleOur report provides clear direction on how to make your website perform better, factoring in:

  • performance
  • meta titles and descriptions
  • keywords
  • menus & content organization
  • security risks
  • analytics
  • links usage
  • SEO and more

Scoring with Data You Can Act On

Each topic section gets an overall percentage score, with information on how to improve that score.
Each assessment point gets a rating of Good, Needs Work, or Bad.

Good   Needs Work   Bad

How To Use the Assessment Report

Use it as a DIY task list

Our assessment questions are precise enough for your staff to use it as a do-it-yourself task list for improving your website. The fixes aren’t necessarily easy for the average business owner to implement, but if you decide to repair your site yourself, you would start with all of the points that earned a Bad rating and repair those first.

Visually see the size of the problem

Without even examining each assessment point, you will get a sense about the general state of your website at a glance as you leaf through your report pages by the red, yellow, and green color coding.

Make informed decisions

With this analysis in your hands, you’ll be in a better position to make informed decisions about your next steps to improve your web presence, based on the data we provide.

  • If your website scores with a sea of green Good markers, you may be able to make the changes needed to get it on track and move on with confidence.
  • If most are red and yellow, and if the repair tasks require more work than it would be to start over with a new site, you will have some data to base your decision to redesign it on.
  • Even if you start over with a new site, this information is not lost.

discount on web design servicesDiscount on Web Design & SEO Services

When you buy a Website Assessment, we will be doing a chunk of the analysis required for a website redesign or to start monthly search engine optimization (SEO) services. We can apply the cost of your Assessment toward the cost of future web design or marketing services.

When To Get an Assessment

  • You have a website but it isn’t bringing you business
  • You’re not sure whether to dump your current site and start all over with a redesign
  • Your own in-house staff manages your website, and they need help to improve it
  • You’re not getting the results you want from your current web or SEO provider
  • You or your own in-house staff manages your website, and they need help to improve it
  • You aren’t sure what your next step should be for your website

Free Consultation

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