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Traditional Web Design Packages

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Traditional Web Design

Typically web design is a one-time event that occurs every few years. Because web technology and your business needs change over time, you may need to reenvision your site to keep it fresh — especially if it was ill-conceived to start with and hasn’t been performing.

It may be more difficult to retrofit an existing site than to start over with a new one based on an updated marketing plan.

The traditional web design project attempts to develop all aspects of a site — from communication and language to graphic design to technical functionality — as perfectly as possible and in sync, so that every element reinforces the others.

Our web design packages are marketing products deeply focused on attracting your ideal customer.

One-Time Web Design Pricing

SEO-Friendly, Mobile-Friendly Websites

Plant & Clone

These packages provide a clean, current, expandable,
marketing-ready, SEO-ready technical framework.

Plant (#1 below) is a 1-page website for startups or those not ready to commit to a marketing website.

Clone (#2 below) is an upgrade for a dated site that needs a technical and visual refresh, where we repackage your content.

Both are designed for future expansion, SEO, and inbound marketing tactics down the road when you are ready. Ask about our web design best practices and payment plans not listed here!

Pricing starts at:

Garden & Farm

These packages provide everything in Plant & Clone plus
a fresh marketing strategy, language & implementation.

Our marketing websites (#3 & #4  below) are customized for your company, your industry, and your customers.

We start with a Marketing Action Plan to review your current website and marketing assets, clarify your business identity, your niche, your ideal customer, and assess your competitors. With that guide in hand, we build custom sites from the ground up based on your unique situation. Every decision made during development contributes to a coherent solution that reflects your business in the best way possible.


  • Best For
  • Size
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Backup/SEO/Security
  • Optimized Framework
  • Analytics Setup
  • SSL
  • Marketing Copy
  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing Action Plan
  • Call to Action
  • Social Connections
  • Blog
  • Social Sharing
  • Site Search
  • Live Chat

1. Plant

  • Startup on a Budget
  • 1 Page
  • Editing
  • Template 

2. Clone

  • Part-Time Business
  • 5 Page Site Refresh
  • Editing
  • Template 

3. Garden

  • Getting Serious
  • 8 Pages
  • Writing
  • Custom

4. Farm

  • Competing
  • 14 Pages
  • Writing
  • Custom

* Plant & Clone Packages include a template design with your own custom images.

Protect Your Investment with Continuous Improvement

Monthly Marketing Services

When you redesign your website, you’re making a significant lump sum investment and probably spending a lot of time working with your developer to make it the best it can be. Traditional web design involves a certain amount of speculation, because you can’t test the results of the site before it goes live. And with a one-time project, there is no followup to perfect it.

One alternative is signing up for monthly marketing services. We take on the job of making sure your site is evolving as it should after the site goes live and into the next year.


The Growth Driven Design Alternative

Growth Driven Design is a newer model for keeping your website current and responsive to changes in your industry, the internet, and your business. Typically the environment changes so fast that in 2-3 years, you’ll need to start over with a redesign.

While a traditional website design may be the perfect fit when it’s new, there are drawbacks that can be pricey over the longterm if you aren’t receiving monthly marketing services. Growth Driven Design provides a faster launch and a continuous improvement cycle to keep your site evolving so you can avoid redesigns.


Let’s talk about making a great website!

We’re happy to talk with you to answer any questions and explore how we might work together to grow your business. Schedule a free consultation to get started.

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