Clarify Your Focus with a Marketing Strategy Guide

There’s an art and a science to smart marketing — beginning with a strategy you can apply to your website and all of your marketing efforts. Before signing up for services from any marketing or SEO provider, you should have a strategy based on your business goals and a good analysis of your marketing situation. Otherwise you’re just scattering money, buying cookie cutter services and hoping.

One-Time Purchase or Monthly Payments

Our Marketing Strategy Guide provides the foundation for marketing activities that will bring you the best return on your investment. It provides a way to focus and filter your marketing options to keep them all in sync and working effectively.

It’s so important that we now include the Marketing Strategy Guide with every subscription in our monthly marketing packages below. To make the expense easier on your budget, we spread the cost out over 12 months. Or get it as a one-time purchase for your own in-house implementation.

Our written report includes this analysis to guide your marketing decision-making:

  • Company Identity:
    Who are you, and what are your business goals? What’s different about your company’s story, and what qualities can we bring out to show potential customers why they would love doing business with you?
  • Customer Persona:
    Who is your ideal customer, what are they interested in? How much and how frequently will they typically spend?
  • Competitor Analysis:
    Who are your top competitors in your local area, and what are their strengths? What differences or weaknesses of theirs give you an opening in your industry?
  • Website Assessment:
    How does your website perform? Does it represent you well, bring you business? Does it meet Google’s requirements? How technically sound is it, and how secure is it against hackers?
  • Marketing Assessment:
    What marketing assets do you already have and how well are they integrated? How effective is your branding? How does your online reputation look? What are your top priorities for improving your SEO ranking and engagement with potential customers?

Marketing Strategy Guide

  • Company Identity
  • Customer Persona
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Website Assessment
  • Marketing Assessment
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We offer a free initial half hour consultation to get acquainted, explain what we do, get a feel for where you are in your overall marketing effort, and answer questions.

A fresh perspective can get your in-house marketing or DIY effort out of the weeds if you’re stuck.

Project Support

Have a one-time project you’d like expert help with?


  • Email marketing template design
  • Social media profile optimization
  • Local search publication
  • Reputation management check


  • Monthly retainer: inquire

Let’s talk about marketing your business!

We’re happy to talk with you to answer any questions and explore how you can identify and prioritize your marketing tasks. Schedule a free consultation to get started.

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