Growth Driven Design — A Model of Continuous Improvement

Traditional Web Design: Feast or Famine

On a traditional web design project there are huge up front costs and time commitments for you and your developer. We might spend literally weeks researching, strategizing, and making informed assumptions based on best practices and lots of experience. But we don’t actually know for sure how a site will perform until it goes live, when people and search engines start responding to it.

There is a frenzy of activity during development, but if no continuing marketing services follow, it’s crickets until the site becomes so out of date that the only option is a redesign. Using the traditional model, businesses typically need a redesign every 2-3 years at most.

Traditional Website Cycle

Meanwhile, your industry, competitors, ideal customer and maybe even your business model is changing. The old model of traditional web projects – a Plan, Build cycle with a finite beginning and end – doesn’t stay in sync.

Growth Driven Design

Growth Driven Design is a continual process more focused from the beginning on converting visitors to leads, and leads to customers.

Launch Pad Website

We quickly research your situation, create a Wish List, and establish a minimal “Launch Pad” website without trying to divine the future.

Continuous Improvement Cycle

Continuous Improvement CycleOnce the site is live, we begin a Continuous Improvement Cycle — Plan, Build, Check, Act — to refine the site each month, not based on assumptions, but by studying patterns of your site visitors and analytics data. We can monitor and accommodate changes in your industry and your customers’ habits each month and update your online presence to match them.

Risks of Traditional Web Design

  • High up front cost, labor intensive
  • Out of scope needs emerge during development
  • High potential for schedule delays
  • Longer delivery time
  • Assumptions may not prove to be true
  • Becomes stale & obsolete if no monthly marketing work is done

Growth Driven Design Minimizes Risk

  • Costs spread out over 12 months
  • Starts with sure things, most urgent Wish List
  • Launch Pad scope & schedule stays predictable
  • Up and running faster
  • Improvements based on data, not assumptions
  • Continuous Improvement Cycle keeps site fresh and focused

Compare the Cost

Traditional Web Design

• Substantial cost up front

Traditional Web Design Cost

Growth Driven Design

• Cost spread out over time

Growth Driven Design Cost

Compare the Impact

Traditional Web Design

• No ability to respond to data between redesigns

Traditional Design Impact

Growth Driven Design

• Continuous improvement in response to data

Growth Driven Design Impact

Growth Driven Design Pricing

Launch a new website that’s equipped to constantly respond and evolve with your situation in 6-8 weeks!
What’s included in the Continuous Improvement Cycle?
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  • Best For
  • Launch Pad Web Site
  • Strategy & Wish List
  • SEO & Mobile-Friendly
  • Marketing Copy Writing
  • Layout & Design
  • SEO, SSL Security, Backups
  • Continuous Improvement Cycle
  • Website Maintenance

Grow Basic

  • Fresh Start

Grow Pro

  • Faster Growth


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