Project Description

Project Description

Responsive WordPress redesign,

rebranding, SEO,

and social options for

KES Fitness,

an Oakland, California

personal training facility

personal trainer responsive WordPress web design


KES Fitness is a personal training, self defense, and Muay Thai training facility in Oakland, California following a martial arts approach to fitness.

Founder Kewesi Simon’s personal training specialties are corrective, restorative, and mobility focused. He teaches martial arts and arms men and women with self defense skills for survival.

Problem We Solved

This personal training and martial arts website was dated and broken. Its generic gym format failed to intuitively communicate the unique qualities of the business, its expanded scope, and the passion this business owner expressed in his original training formats that sets it apart from local neighborhood gyms. We created a mobile-friendly, responsive WordPress site that shows off its authentic identity.


personal trainer website before redesign

How We Helped

  • Refreshed, authentic branding
  • New marketing message
  • Organized and edited new content
  • Responsive mobile-friendly WordPress platform
  • Updated analytic and social profiles
  • Added testimonials and review capture option
  • Added Analytics tracking
  • Secured site with SSL
  • Optimized pages and images for search engines
  • Online reputation management
  • Continuing professional maintenance and SEO

Note on Rebranding and Authenticity

This business had undergone a transformation between the time the old website was created, several years ago, and now. The old site was created without much thought, featuring generic stock photo images of people who were already professional athletes or martial arts fighters. The site didn’t reflect the personas of this training facility’s typical client at all, which was most likely intimidating people who could have benefited from their services.

Since then, the owner had reimagined his business purpose and was focusing his training modalities on restorative fitness, pain management, and self defense for survival, not sport. Fortunately for us, he was articulate about the character of the business he was actually conducting that was not at all evident on the old website.

In order to attract the kind of clients he enjoys working with and can help most, we needed to make that philosophy evident in every way on the new website — using the combined impact of language, visuals, and usability to create an intuitive experience for site visitors that reflects the business authentically. Site visitors can now see the unique benefits of training in these fitness programs, customizes for their fitness level, rather than at a fitness chain.

Visit the Live Site


personal trainer WordPress website after redesign

Planning to Upgrade Your Own Personal Trainer Web Design?

personal trainer gym web design

If you are a gym owner or personal trainer who needs an updated website that will establish you better in your industry, attract more clients, and engage them like KES Fitness, contact us for a conversation about how we can go about a website redesign!

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