Project Description

Project Description

Custom WordPress responsive

web design, rebranding, SEO,

inbound marketing, social options

for Vic Joshi,

Oakland, California

Mortgage Consultant

Mortgage consultant web design


Vic Joshi is an independent California home loan expert. He has been helping home buyers and investors with mortgage loans for over 20 years and is a California licensed real estate agent since 1998.

Vic helps home buyers get the best loan available for their circumstance and educates them about the mortgage process.

Problem We Solved

This mortgage consultant had a patchwork template website that reflected poorly on him and didn’t bring in business.

We accomplished a rebranding with a mobile-friendly, responsive WordPress site that shows off his expertise and experience in the mortgage industry. We also developed new “Mortgage 101” content to educate his clients and save time during his sales process.


mortgage consultant website before redesign


mortgage consultant wesite after redesign

How We Helped

  • Rebranded visual and marketing message
  • Custom logo and graphic design by Ross Turner Design
  • Responsive WordPress platform
  • Wrote new content
  • Added landing pages
  • Added embedded automated review capture
  • Added SSL security
  • Added and optimized Yelp page
  • Added and optimized Google My Business page
  • Optimized pages and images for search engines
  • Optimized pages for intuitive use
  • Continuing professional maintenance, inbound marketing and SEO

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