Have You Checked Your Business Listings?

Do you know if you are listed on the most beneficial sites, if your business contact information is consistently correct across the internet, or if you are taking advantage of all of the off-site profile options available to you? If not, run our Local Search Check tool here.

Why Online Listings Are Important: Local Search

of internet users own a smartphone
of mobile searches are for local services & products
of citations have the wrong name/address/phone
Having inconsistent or wrong NAP (name, address, phone) information on your online profiles confuses search engines, dilutes your ranking, and confuses potential customers – especially those using a cell phone to locate you. Having no profile on important sites lessens the chance of your being found at all.

Publish Your Business for Local Search

Our publishing service includes a partnership with 60+ leading publishers in a network of the most established search engines, local service sites, and mapping apps, to provide these benefits for our clients:

  • Search results in the most possible local searches with guaranteed presence
  • Your site showing up multiple times in search results
  • Your business profiles scanned, located, and claimed on every publisher network
  • Featured call to action message
  • Proprietary two-way API integrations with publisher databases sync your content
  • Back-end integration with premium profiles and enhanced profile bonuses on some sites available only through our service
  • News and blog posts broadcast in multiple locations
  • Reviews aggregated from multiple sites
  • Links back to your website to boost SEO
  • Permanence and reliability conveyed to your potential customers
  • Search analytics
  • Duplicate profiles suppressed
  • Your profiles managed personally by us and optimized for your maximum benefit

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Why DIY Doesn’t Work

Put simply, if you try to maintain each of 62+ publisher profiles for your business separately yourself, it’s certain that you will start out fresh and enthusiastic end end up frustrated and tired, without a longterm solution.

Some of our functionality isn’t available outside our system, but you could go directly to publisher sites that allow it and claim or create a business profile. Some won’t allow it, will make you jump through hoops or want to charge a fee. At 45 minutes or an hour per profile just to start, you can imagine the time required, with separate logins, passwords, and confirmation routines for each one. Even if you could do this, when you start trying to manage and optimize so many profiles, with no optimization experience and no system for maintaining them, you’ll soon see the benefit of having an automated system and an expert to manage them for you.

It doesn’t make business sense to spend your precious time:

  • Finding that some publishers will not actually accept a profile you submit
  • Trying to claim a profile but meeting pressure to purchase upgrades
  • Managing multiple user names and passwords
  • Keeping complicated spreadsheets to track which sites need fixing
  • Waiting weeks or months for your profile to be reviewed and go live
  • Coming up with profile content that may or may not effectively market what you offer
  • Trying to deal with problems with no tech support
  • Finding that profiles you created have been dropped due to lack of updates

We’ve invested in this system because we think it’s the best value for our clients, and we’ve integrated it into our SEO packages.

Free Consultation

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