Why Invest in Custom Web Design

Your website is your most important marketing asset, the core of your online presence. It’s the “in” in “inbound” marketing. It’s the one place where your ideal customer can experience your message in its purest form, to be shown best how you can meet their needs without distraction. It’s honestly too important an asset to create without professional help.

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Site visitors form an impression within 3 seconds of seeing your site!
40% won't come back if they don't immediately see what they are hoping for.

hunter gathererAttraction Marketing — Art and Science

It’s fascinating how the brain is wired to subconsciously help the hunter/gatherer find that they are looking for, without even making a conscious judgment. When your ideal customer is shopping online or researching alternatives online before making a purchase in person, you have only a few moments to make that subconscious connection. Read more about first impressions in Carol Kinsey Goman’s article “Why First Impressions Stick: And What You Can Do About It.”

It takes a skillful integration of technology, strategy, messaging, and visuals all working seamlessly to make your website a marketing machine — attracting qualified visitors, converting them to customers, closing sales and meeting your customers’ needs.

Which project structure fits you best?

Growth-Driven Design

Best for companies who want to get an effective new site live quickly, constructed with messaging and SEO guidance. This model lets you reap the benefits of inbound marketing perfected in evolving phases.

Traditional Web Design

Best for companies who have their own marketing departments, maintain their own website, and who just need a one-time fresh technical update with inbound marketing and SEO guidance.

Schedule a Consultation

Get expert advice on what your next step should be with your current website,  talk about building a new site, or start planning how to integrate your website into your overall inbound marketing strategy.

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