What We’re About


Clarity Web Studio helps grow the bloom of success for socially and environmentally aware agencies, organizations, and businesses. We build and optimize beautifully functional data-driven and marketing-driven websites — 100% organic and made in California by hand-picked creative and technical experts.

If you are a business owner or nonprofit director looking to share your expertise for good, providing honest services that benefit people, we can help you grow.


ripplesThe internet gives our collective consciousness a fast lane and a uniquely leveled communication playing field. There’s a ripple effect when we connect and do socially responsible work. Imagine the wave that would be produced if we all take a small positive action.
diversityWe’re all in this boat together, and we are committed to promoting respect and tolerance for everyone. Our clients are experts in their businesses and nonprofits. We simply power them with insightful marketing work, whether it’s delivering a professional presence or promoting useful products.
sustainabilityOur gift to the environment is working in low consumption offices, using recyclable equipment and supplies as much as possible in this virtual world. We participate in a carbon offset program to minimize our impact.
funIt’s intense work, but we love the idea of working with intangibles to make something good and tangible happen. We enjoy friendly collaboration with our clients to help us zero in on the perfect solution.


Computing is about People, Not Machines

Computing is AboutThis vintage IBM Ease of Use poster is a bit of a relic, but is still posted in our headquarters office and has been our mascot since the 90s, reminding us of what really matters.

To meet the goal of producing websites that accomplish clients’ business goals, they have to be easily usable and speak clearly to the intended audience. We practice user-centered design for the benefit of website users and speak plain English on technical topics to help clients. Our goal is simply to help you use web technology to succeed and prosper!

We’ve Evolved, Since 1999

Clarity Web Studio was formed in 1999, incorporated as Art For Life, Inc. providing web design back in those simpler days. We later relocated to the California coast, where we work for clients in the greater San Francisco Bay Area doing web design, SEO, social media, analytics and strategy consultation.

We are now an inbound marketing agency capable of really helping our clients succeed, with our expert associates and great tools to keep you informed.

Clarity Web Studio has been a member of the Better Business Bureau since 2007 with an A+ rating.

We look forward to working with you.

President & CVO
Linda Phillips Blue

Linda Phillips BlueAfter years of back-to-the-land eco-friendly living, artistic and musical pursuits, Linda transitioned into technology in 1990. She knew it was love when she created her first website in 1995, the year the last restrictions were removed for commercial use of the internet. She worked as a web developer and systems professional in California statewide data centers, doing graphic and technical web design, application development, web server maintenance, structured testing and quality assurance. She trained staff, led strategy meetings, advised and monitored consultants on multimillion dollar web projects. She was recognized by Governor Gray Davis for designing California’s first live webcast and others that followed.

Interaction Design Foundation Member

Linda has a BA in Studio Art, minor in Psychology, and has studied the concept of User Experience Design (UXD) since the title was first used in the 90s. She was an expert liaison to the California User Experience Professionals Association MemberDepartment of Rehabilitation on the topic of usability and accessibility, and she continues research into  the fascinating topic of how people interact with screens through books, online study, and membership in relevant organizations.

HubSpot Partner Agency

In private business, Linda’s ulterior motive is to make honest content and good people more authentically visible on the web. She has served on nonprofit boards and as an entrepreneur herself, understands the challenges of organizations and businesses. Her communication aesthetic — optimizing the union of art and technology — drives the work of Clarity Web Studio.

It Takes a Village!

Clarity Web Studio has evolved from a one-person shop in 1999 to a California-based team of seasoned professional associates, so we can deliver top quality from every angle.

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