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A Web Site Is Your Home Base for Internet Marketing

Web site marketing diagramYour web site is the core, your home base for marketing your business online. It's the only place online where you have complete control over how your business is presented to the world, where you can express your unique value to potential clients or customers.

Web Design Is No Longer a One-Person Job

The days are gone when one person could whip up a web site and call it a success. That's because there are so many web sites and so much competition now that a lot more is required. Just having the technical ability to get something published on the internet is nowhere near enough without some solid expertise in a variety of areas and marketing planning behind it.

There is no one person anywhere on the planet who does a fantastic job at every aspect of web design and who can keep up with the trends in every area required for a web site that will really help you succeed. Hard skills and the ability to create professional quality deliverables are required for things like:

  • Viability study, marketing strategy & planning
  • Content strategy & writing
  • Internet marketing planning diagramGraphic communication design
  • Technical web site design & development
  • Analysis & testing
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Internet marketing
  • Advertising
  • Public relations
  • Web automation tools
  • Usability optimization
  • Customer relationship management
  • Online reputation management
  • Print cards, brochures and signage
  • Trade show booths

Web design packages from your Sonoma County web designerIt Takes a Village! Full Service Marketing Agency

For this reason Clarity Web Studio has evolved from a one-person shop in 1999 to a team of skilled associates. Together we have experience and talent in all of the areas above, so that we can work together to advise clients and deliver a successful marketing campaign — including a great web site.