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Promote Your Web Site with Email Marketing

Many businesses and nonprofits at some point consider doing a monthly newsletter to keep in touch with their customers or supporters. This is a great strategy for driving traffic to your web site and staying enaged with them, and bring attention to a new product, service or landing page.

Do it Yourself Email Marketing Templates

DIY Email Marketing TemplatesMail Chimp, iContact, Constant Contact and others.

Many email marketing template systems advertise that you can create your own newsletters, and technically anyone can. *But* the quality of home-made newsletters, even if your original template was designed by a professional, quickly goes downhill to the point of embarrassment for many people trying to do this on their own cheaply. It's too bad, but the state of this technology really requires that you have technical help putting together newsletters if you want reliable results.

We do design email marketing announcement and newsletter templates, but...

For this reason we no longer recommend do-it-yourself systems. Although we do work with various online systems and we do design templates, there is no foolproof way to construct an indestructible template that a DIY-er can't mangle after we release it for their use. It's disappointing for clients who pay for a template design and then find the experience of using it to produce their own newsletters to be grueling and tedious work that results in something less than stellar.

Professionally Managed Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing Newsletters by Clarity Web StudioFor higher quality and email marketing you can be proud to send out, we recommend our services for professionally designed and managed email marketing campaigns. You can look forward to the following:

  • Professional-looking email newsletters and promotions using your logo and colors, consistent with your branding and your web site.
  • You focus on creating your message and let us deliver something polished to your email list.
  • Less stress!
  • We're used to the tools, so we can produce newsletters faster.
  • More traffic driven to your website or to a landing page for a special topic.

Cost of Our Services

We can manage your email campaigns from beginning to end. The cost to you depends on the complexity and frequency of your email newsletters. Call us for a free consultation to get a quote!

Best Email Newsletter Content

You only have two seconds to get your reader's attention in an email! Use action words such as “Download” or “Watch” and your best content at the top of your newsletter. We can help with your copywriting to get you started. Ask us how to coordinate your email campaigns with landing pages!

  • Tactical “how to” articles
  • Customer case studies
  • Best practice lists, such as “Top 10 Ways…”
  • Strategic articles and interviews with analysts and business leaders
  • Use four to six words in your subject, with an absolute max of nine words.